Consultancy Division

Our consultancy division facilitates the orchestration of opportunities to enhance the performance of key leaders of influence and the teams they lead.

We engage in a simple yet “Exclusive” arena, which has evolved not in an egotistic or arrogant way but in a natural and effortless way.

Our growth in the consultancy division has come from the most effective way to grow, through recommendations and referrals from real clients who have experienced and benefited from Lifestyle Architecture and its unique world class ideas, methodologies, concepts and intellectual property.

Over the 25 years we have been referred globally from Scotland in the north, to Australia in the south, to California in the west, to Hong Kong in the east.

We have been fortunate to consult with some of the largest organisations with multibillion revenues, to entrepreneurial businesses who are eager to grow and scale and achieve their goals and dreams.

If you are reading this you may well have been recommended to us, we welcome the opportunity to meet and listen and explore the possibilities of engaging together.

When we do meet, we will listen, then listen some more; looking and searching for the alignment – that unique moment when we simply know that we are the “right fit”

It’s in these moments that our unique world class concepts come to life, and the consultancy evolves naturally and effortlessly from these instants of clarity.

We will then look to test with a pilot project - this gives us an opportunity to align the experience with the consultancy and orchestrate the effective way forward.

Lifestyle Architecture is an art and a science, it's world class ideas, methodologies and concepts act as a catalyst to enhance your performance.

As one of the unique characteristics is the “Detached Observer” which really facilitates simple yet effective orchestration and implementation of our methodologies within our consulting projects.

We also have a focused and tangible way to measure each engagement, which is often missed within consultancy projects and can often reduce issues with communication and traction at critical points in a project.

We record and measure each step of a consultancy project and have agreed reviews throughout the consultancy to address any opportunities or issues.

We could wax lyrical about the hundreds of consultancy projects we have engaged on globally, but let’s be clear - you have been recommenced to us so let’s simply arrange to meet at a time and location that is convenient, and we can discuss if the alignment and fit is right and then begin the adventure and journey together.

We are really excited about meeting soon…

Our clients and partners

We have created and discovered successful, practical leadership & development systems for individuals, small businesses and corporate clients such as:-