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As we get closer to 2023, we can either add the narrative below to our current website or we may decide to launch a new website dedicated solely to LA Digital.

The digital division is the newest division in the Lifestyle Architecture™ Brand, we will begin with a soft learning focused launch in 2022 building towards a full global launch starting in 2023.

The essence of the digital division has its source in the “Shift" to the digital world we have all experienced over recent years in particularduring the global pandemic.

The potential of this division is phenomenal we have created a unique distribution method based on a Lifestyle Architecture™ Development “Pod”/ Growth Pod, title to be confirmed as we develop the concept.

One of the unique elements of Lifestyle Architecture™ has always been our style of engagement, and measurement criteria, very much focused on added and measurable value, impact and application, we have worked hard and will work even harder during the soft launch of the digital division to continue to guarantee this unique style of engagement even in the digital arena.

The fundamental philosophy of the digital division will be a focus on what we describe as a “New Paradigm Philanthropy” in that the digital division will be available to as many people globally as possible without a barrier to entry.

Everyone who is ready and deserves it, will be able to experience the “Gift” by eitherreceiving or giving Lifestyle Architecture™ Digital as part of our unique distribution system with no barrier to entry…..

For a select few there will also be a unique opportunity for you to engage in an exciting opportunity to support the distribution and be the “Edge” to the Lifestyle Architecture™ digitalbrand globally.

What we are going to achieve with this digital division is an opportunity to tap into the latent potential of all who embark on this adventure, in order to enhance their development.

Everyone will experience the “Shift” then the “Gift” and if they choose too become the “Edge”.

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