LA Consulting

The Consultancy division is the oldest division within the Lifestyle Architecture™ Brand, we have been engaging with corporate and entrepreneurial clients for over 25 years.

We have engaged with most sectors and globally in over 30 Countries, as far north as Scotland, as far south as Australia as far west as California in the USA and as far east as Hong Kong and Singapore.


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LA Licence

The licence division has been providing both corporate and individual licences for the past 17 years, in that time we have sold over 234 licences globally.

The Lifestyle Architecture™ licence opportunity gives both corporate organisations and individuals the ability to share our unique Intellectual property.


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Exclusivity is the way we orchestrate our consultancy division, not with an energy of arrogance or ego, but with the natural and effortless energy that comes from recommendation and referral from clients who have experienced the Lifestyle Architecture Way and wish to share with others who can benefit from our unique world class consultancy.

Legacy is the way we orchestrate our licence division, becoming part of the Lifestyle Architecture family and sharing the Lifestyle Architecture Way. Investing in a Licence is an opportunity for both corporate organisations and entrepreneurial individuals to share and benefit from our unique world class ideas, concepts and intellectual property.

So Why Lifestyle Architecture…. It's about Practical Leadership…. It’s all about the “Why"

The “Why" we believe is our purpose, it's to facilitate discovery, build on principles and values that will give you perceptions and paradigms, foundations that allow you a new clarity in your life, to open infinite possibilities, and unleash your latent potential.

Our unique world class methodology, concepts and Intellectual property, will be the catalyst to enhance you, your teams and your organisation's performance, enabling the spotting of more holistic opportunities on the journey to designing the lifestyle's you all deserve and desire.

There is a slight twist, a “zest" of energy that comes in the form of a mystery, a paradox, it's a focus on "creative space” not just actions and preparation. The source of this paradox and mystery is “quantum" in nature, and when we blend this with practical leadership and you the combination is phenomenal.


Our clients and partners

We have created and discovered successful, practical leadership & development systems for individuals, small businesses and corporate clients such as:-